Military Service and Immigration

Serving in the armed forces has long been a path to citizenship. In 1942, Congress exempted service members from naturalization requirements to boost recruitment for World War II. Today, more than 65,000 immigrants are active-duty service members, many of them seeking citizenship. However, for the ...
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Military Service and Immigration
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Are you looking for a qualified immigration attorney who can guide you through the difficult and often time consuming proceedings associated with immigrant and nonimmigrant visas or citizenship? Are you facing deportation and would like an aggressive lawyer on your side to help you avoid being removed from the U.S.? Are you simply interested in learning more about immigration laws in the United States? You have come to the right place.

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Immigration legal issues are often extremely difficult for a family or individual to handle on their own, especially when the rate of success is not on their side. Without an attorney, more than half of all immigration-related documents are denied. When a family chooses to work with an experienced lawyer, such as Attorney Jeremy Buckmaster, their chance of success increases substantially. At the Daytona Beach immigration law firm of Buckmaster Law, the legal team has an understanding of all immigration and citizenship matters. They have assisted clients with obtaining visas, such as marriage visas, and protected many individuals from deportation or removal from this country. If you need legal help with your immigration issue, do not wait to talk to Daytona Beach immigration lawyer, Jeremy Buckmaster.

Having lived in Florida since 1988, Attorney Jeremy Buckmaster has an extensive understanding of this area of the law in regards to Florida state and federal laws. He understands the difficulty in successfully completing the naturalization process for a family member or fighting to keep your loved one in the United States. Despite the legal issue at hand, coming to this law firm for help will be your best option. The firm also handles all criminal defense and family law matters as they relate to immigration for a family coming into the United States. In some criminal cases, such as in the case of a non-US citizen being arrested, you will need the legal defense of Attorney Jeremy Buckmaster. Having a proven defense team on your side will be your best strategy if you wish to find a favorable outcome in your case. To learn more about your options regarding an immigration, family law, or criminal defense issue, do not hesitate to contact a Daytona Beach immigration attorney at Buckmaster Law.

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Bruce Bridgman talks about an immigration case involving a man ...
Mr. Bridgman speaks about helping those facing deportation.
Immigration Law
Attorney Bruce Bridgman discusses immigration issues such as ...
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