Can i legalize my status through my wife's asylum?

My girlfriend and i are thinking of getting married after being together for a couple years,she has asylum but she is not a citizen yet. How can she help me with my legalization? I came to the U.S. with a visa but i stayed a lot longer than i was allowed.How can she help me with my legalization.Thank you for your valuable information.

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If you are thinking about applying for asylum alongside your girlfriend, then you must do so within a year of entering the country. If that window has already lapsed, then you will want to see if you qualify for an asylum applicant exception by talking to an immigration lawyer in your area. Typically, asylum cases are on an individual basis. Because you are not married to your girlfriend yet, there is a possibility that you will not be able to obtain asylum directly though her legal status. Instead, you may need to apply for asylum alongside her. If you were a U.S. citizen, then your wife-to-be could obtain citizenship through marrying you, though she would probably have to undergo a rigorous test at the Department of Immigration to do so. Thankfully, you can apply for asylum whether or not you are an illegal citizen, as long as you have been in the United States for under a year. If you are not married yet and need to file separately, you can typically include the details of your relationship status in your application. Naturally, if your wife-to-be was granted asylum, then you should be too. You will simply need to explain that the dangers that your loved on faces in her country of origin would also befall you if you were to be deported. Because you are married to someone who is in danger, the court should be able to permit asylum for you as well, to protect your family. If your spouse is considered a permanent resident based on asylum, then you may be able to obtain a marriage green card or a permanent residency as well. Talk to an immigration lawyer if you want more information about this specific area of immigration law

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