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By RL Johnson October 06, 2008


G     Assisted clients in achieving family-based immigrant and nonimmigrant visas.

G     Assisted clients in achieving employment-based immigrant and nonimmigrant visas.

G     Defend clients in removal proceedings.

Business Law:

G     Established numerous successful nonprofit corporations by effectively drafting and executing necessary legal documents and filings for corporate legal formation, including articles of incorporation, bylaws, state lobbying and charitable recognition, and the requisite federal tax filings (i.e., IRS Forms 1023, 5768, and 8274).

G     Developed business objectives, led human resources functions, authorized payroll, established organizational plans, managed debt, and coordinated corporate financial strategies to ensure success.

G     Led corporate discussions relative to critical business issues, including federal, state, and local governmental contract compliance and regulations.

G     Provided a vision and strategic direction by guiding corporate leadership through strategic planning process. Leveraged established political contacts to cultivate partnerships with key members of the County Commission and the Mayors of three (3) cities.

G     Served as primary Lobbyist, Contract Administrator, and Fundraiser directing development, maintenance, and enhancement of corporate strategic relations with policymakers.

G     Effectively lobbied for association membership by personally fostering and directing networks toward the development, maintenance, and enhancement of the association’s relationships with local, state, and federal government law and policymakers.

G     Instrumental in securing $13,000,000 in state/federal matching funds notwithstanding an economic downturn and severe state budget cuts.

G     Assisted clients in achieving employment-based immigrant and nonimmigrant visas.

G     Developed successful business-client positioning against emerging issues and curtailed latent risk and exposure through expertise in:

·         Asset Protection

·         Estate Planning

·         Strategic Planning

·         Venture Feasibility Studies

·         Corporate Entity Structuring & Maintenance Services

·         Business Analysis

·         Financial Management and Working Capital Optimization  

·         RFP Drafting & Analysis 

·         Grant Writing

·         Human Resource Consulting

·         Fringe Benefit Design

·         Risk Management

·         Business Succession & Continuation Planning

·         Team Building

·         Training & Organizational Development

·         Contract Management

·         Grassroots, Public Policy Advocacy & Cause Marketing

·         Corporate Tax Reduction Strategies




Family & Juvenile Law:

G     Effectively litigated contentious divorces resulting in full achievement of all of client objectives, including full physical and legal custody of minor child(ren).

G     Successfully negotiated stipulated settlement agreements in special education cases with school districts that minimized client costs and exceeded the parents’ expectations.

G     Trained and equipped over 50 juvenile justice probation officers and social workers to advocate effectively in court for over 700 juvenile clients.

G     Led the Court Improvement Project and the Michigan Foster Care Review Board for the Michigan Supreme Court.

G     Led the largest juvenile justice care management system in Michigan’s largest county in the reengineering and negotiation of over $27,000,000 in outsourced contracts and the transformation of a $127,113 deficit into a $383,689 profit in less than a year using cost-effective business tactics and cost reduction tracking strategies.   

G     Coordinated effective, efficient, and decisive client-advocacy strategies for neglected and abused children through aggressive analysis, functional strategic thinking, and litigation.  

G     Assisted clients in achieving family-based immigrant and nonimmigrant visas.


Estate Planning:

G     Developed numerous plans that immunized clients from threats posed by creditors and predators; minimized tax liability; and, guaranteed that clients will avoid the cost, delays, and publicity of probate court.

Legal Publications:

G     Authored: The Michigan Foster Care Review Board's Study On Court-Appointed Attorney Compensation, Michigan State Court Administrative Office, 2000.

G     Co-Developed: Guidelines For Achieving Permanency In Child Protective Proceedings, Children's Charter of The Courts of Michigan, 2001-2003.

G     Technical Consultant: The Lawyer Guardian Ad Litem Protocol, Michigan Judicial Institute, 2003.

G     Authored more than a dozen legal and public policy analyses for the Michigan Supreme Court.

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