What will happen to a person who is living in america and married to american guy.without any paper?

my sister married to american guy in philippines she went to america during mount pinatubo without any paper,they have one duaghter aged 16 yrs old ,years past buy may brother in law didnt get or process any single paper for my sister even philippine passport ,my sister found out that my brother in law has another woman and she separated with him .my sister meet another guy and live with him she has baby boy to that guy now what shall they do to make my sister legally live in america ? sge is now living in us for almost 23 years .please kindly give me some advice so that i can do help my sister...Godbless and thank you.

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If your sister gets married to a United States citizen then she will become a legal U.S. resident as a result. Chances are that if your sister has been in the U.S. for 23 years she must have some form of documentation. It would have been virtually impossible for your sister to travel from the Philippines to the United States without a passport of some kind. The customs areas at the airports won’t allow it. Without a passport, your sister would not have legally entered the U.S. If your sister does not have any documentation, then she is technically an illegal alien and can be deported at any time. She has the right to apply for a green card, but she will have to go this by contacting the US Embassy in Manila, Philippines. She will then need to fill out the application and send it into the U.S. Embassy for approval. If she is approved, chances are that she will be required to pay a processing fee and may need to take a test in order to show that she has a common knowledge of the new nation in which she is a citizen.

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