The Law Office of Tony E. Parada Articles Houston Religious Group Joins in Movement to Support Immigration Reform

Houston Religious Group Joins in Movement to Support Immigration Reform

By The Law Office of Tony E. Parada  Nov. 4, 2013 3:56p

The clergy of a Houston Lutheran church came together with other immigration reform supporters recently in regard to the Strengthen and Fortify Enforcement Act (SAFE Act). The group is urging congress to reject the act which has been energetically backed by House Republicans. The act would give broad power to individual states when it comes to immigration laws and their enforcement. The SAFE Act proposes that each state be allowed to develop laws which do not conflict with federal immigration laws but would allow state and local law enforcement greater power in immigration matters. While only federal agencies are currently allowed to act on criminal matters, deportation and related legal issues concerning immigrants, the SAFE Act would allow local authorities to handle immigration offenses as well. Those opposing the bill point out that it could result in unfairly increased penalties or other action against those accused of being in the country without documentation. Immigration reform supporters agree that more needs to be done to reform existing immigration laws and policies but it is hoped that such reform will not disregard human rights issues or bar individuals from a valid path to citizenship. Do you have questions regarding obtaining a visa, green card or citizenship? Get the help of a knowledgeable immigration attorney and make sure you know your legal rights and options.

Immigration Lawyer in Houston, TX

Immigration matters can be complicated so it is crucial that you have a legal professional working with you to ensure you understand how U.S. immigration laws apply to you and/or your family. Without the proper documentation you could be removed from the U.S. and summarily returned to your originating country. I have successfully represented clients in a variety of immigration matters from those concerning criminal allegations, deportation and expired visas to obtaining green cards, asylum and citizenship. I may be able to help you or a family member successfully complete the naturalization process to become a permanent citizen of the United States. My team and I at The Law Office of Tony E. Parada understand how important your immigration concerns are and what they can mean to your future. No matter how hopeless your case may seem, I may be able to get you positive legal results that you may not have thought possible. Contact my firm today to schedule a free initial consultation. I am dedicated to helping people get the best outcome possible.

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