Hira Law PLLC Articles Understanding Work and Business Immigration Matters

Understanding Work and Business Immigration Matters

By Hira Law PLLC  Dec. 13, 2013 2:18p

If you are an employer who wants to hire a non-U.S. citizen or if you are a non-U.S. citizen wishing to work or conduct business activities in the U.S. then it is important that you begin working with an informed immigration lawyer right away. This can be a complex area of law but a skilled attorney can help ensure that your needs are met as far as immigration policy allows. There are a number of business visas available and which one best works for you depends on your specific case. These visas are generally divided into immigrant and non-immigrant visa categories.

Immigrant Business Visas

For those seeking permanent resident status to work in the U.S. then there are five visas that may be applicable. (Most involve sponsorship by a U.S. employer but there are situations where this may not be required.) EB-1 visas are for those with an "extraordinary ability" in areas such as arts, athletics, education, sciences or business. Those with an advanced degree in arts, business or sciences may seek an EB-2 visa. EB-3 visas are for skilled professionals, skilled workers and others in that category while EB-4 visas are for special circumstances such as religious workers, foreign service employees that will be posted in the U.S., certain persons associated with international organizations and also alien minors. Finally, EB-5 visas are for business investors who satisfy strict requirements.

Plan to work in the U.S. on temporary basis?

Individuals who would like to be permitted into the U.S. to conduct business or business-related activities without becoming permanent residents can apply for a temporary business visitor visa (B-1 visa) or other related visa. There are a variety of temporary visas that could be used by professionals or workers such as an athlete visa, performer visa, intracompany transfer visa, agricultural visa and others. Work with a legal profession to ensure you understand what is required for obtaining a business-related visa and for increasing your chances of success in the matter.

Business Immigration Attorney in Houston, TX

An immigration attorney with us at Hira Law has an excellent grasp of business immigration law and is highly competent when it comes to getting the desired results. We keep apprised of all changes to this area of law so there are no surprises. Contact our law offices today if you need help with business or employment-based visas. We offer a free case consultation and may be the right fit for your immigration legal needs.

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