Can Non-U.S. Citizens Vote in Elections?

Each year, millions of immigrants move to the United States with the intention of making the U.S. their forever home. Moving to another country is a big move, but it's understandable since the U.S. is the "land of the free" and the one place where anyone can pursue the great American ...
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Can Non-U.S. Citizens Vote in Elections?
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Many people are currently unaware of their options or rights when it comes to issues such as this. As a result, many find that their application or appeal is denied for any type of immigration-related subject. In fact, over half of all appeals and applications are denied because an individual fails to retain the legal services of an attorney. Having an attorney can benefit your case in more ways than imaginable; your immigration attorney can protect your rights and possibly save your future. Do not leave your future up to chance in the legal court system – talk to Attorney Daniel Shanfield, Esq. today.

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