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Couple Facing Deportation

A British couple who are established in Maine are now facing deportation because an immigration case worker in California declared their business, restaurant Laura's Kitchen, to not be profitable enough. The two have been living in Maine for the past ten years on an E-2 visa. The couple reports that they have made enough to run the business, live virtually debt free and employ local people part-time. Their E-2 visa has been renewed twice with no problem. The couple is now in the U.S. on temporary tourist visas, hoping for some reprieve while they wrap up their affairs.      

Immigration law can be incredibly complicated and difficult to understand properly, especially matters of deportation and visas. In dealing with immigration law, it's important that you know what you are dealing with and what steps you need to take to resolve your immigration matter. It's never easy to face an immigration situation, but you do need to face this and move forward in the right way.

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